About Us

MetCap at a Glance

MetCap is dedicated to exploring and realizing investment opportunities in a wide range of industries globally. Since energy and agriculture will offer significant opportunities in the coming decades, we place development of large scale energy, chemical, petrochemical and agriculture at the core of our business. MetCap has been active primarily in growing economies such as Turkey and neighboring countries, while pursuing various opportunities in the US and Asia.

We are led by a strong management team with extensive experience and in-depth expertise in energy, in Turkey and abroad. Our professional team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including advisory services, corporate finance, management consulting and engineering.

We combine our vision of becoming a prominent player in energy, with our regard to sustainability and natural preservation, with emphasis on efficient water use.

MetCap’s strength comes from:

Our in-depth industry expertise in our core sectors
Our wide network to bring the right resources, people and relationships together
Our strategic perspectives on business decisions that drive company value
Our team’s unique business development capabilities
Our operational and financing experience
Our M&A and IPO experience to facilitate successful transactions to maximize shareholder value