Project Aquastar

Sustainable Quality Water for Life


Gayzer Enerji San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.


300,000 m3/day


Latest GE  technology

Turkey: Water Stressed Country

Turkey is ranked 27th among the World’s Most Water-Stressed Countries
  • Renewable water resources of Turkey is decreasing in quantity, while consumption is increasing rapidly due to population growth, urbanization and industrialization
  • Thus, resulting in Turkey not being considered as a rich country in terms of existing water potential


Problems in Istanbul

  • Since the 1990s, the water supply of Istanbul, including groundwater and springs, has not been able to meet the increasing demand associated with this huge increase in population, and future projections of water demand suggest this will not let up anytime soon
  • Frequency and severity of water shortages are expected to increase in the near future
  • Main problems in Istanbul include:
  • Unplanned urbanization
  • Uncontrolled settlements in projection zones
  • Flooding
  • Inadequate green land
  • Inadequate and damaged infrastructure
  • Combined sewer and storm water system
  • The sewer system consists, in principle, of separate sanitary sewers and storm water drains. However, in reality there are illegal cross-connections so that untreated wastewater reaches the storm water drains and contributes to the pollution of drinking water reservoirs
  • Additionally, 40% of Turkey’s industry, such as clothing and textile manufacturers, is located in Istanbul and such industries consume large quantities of water

WHY aquastar?

Technology robustness

High up-time, minimal unplanned events, proactive vs. reactive maintenance

Removal efficiency

Bacteria & virus removal efficiency and desalination efficiency, membrane technology

Energy Efficiency

High technology to recover energy, membrane technology, plant hydraulic design

Fully Digital Technology

GE’s insight technology – remote monitoring, 24/7 technical support

Modular Design

High redundancy, maintainability, flexibility and expandability, minimum turndown capability

Smaller footprint

Environment friendly technology

Project Aquastar : Desalination process - I

Project Aquastar : Desalination process - 2